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Dalek & Dr Who Sites.

Listed on this page are sites which are mostly Doctor Who or Dalek related. Please click on the pictures for provided links, as many are embedded in the picture if no link is visible.

Charity Daleks site (not to be confused with the other Charity Daleks site, as this one is based in Norfolk) so please check both of them out.



 This site has some really great CGI Daleks, and Dalek Storm is the ultimate Special Weapons Dalek Killing Machine, which can be seen by clicking the picture below.



Jim's Daleks is a great site for his superb artwork wallpapers. Probably the best site there is on the web for fantastic Dalek wallpapers for your PC screen.

Doctor Who Site Daleks page.


 The Mind Robber- this site gives a vast amount of information on Daleks and other Doctor Who related stuff.


 Dalek Links- a great site for locating all things related to Doctor Who.

Who Visions -  this is a site run by a good friend of mine, Jon Brunton who lives in Norfolk, England.


Mondas 42 is a site for some truly amazing artwork.



Click this picture for Dalek 6388's site to find info about props used in both the TV and Movie Daleks.


 Further Dalek or Dr Who related sites will be added here in the future where, and when I find them!

Other web sites of interest.

Below are listed sites of interest which may not be Dalek or Doctor Who orientated, but they are still worthy of mention and taking a look at. Click the pictures below for the link to these sites unless there is a link provided.

Universal Soldiers- a site done by my wife about her hobby of hand painting military figurines.

Ant Hill Wood- my own site on ants and the fascinating world of myrmecology.


Dalek Photos!

Please Note:- Not all of the pictures used on my site are my own photos, and I apologize to anyone who has Dalek pictures which may not have been credited to them. I have chosen all photos, my own as well as other peoples, for their excellence and quality; and in order to help explain what Daleks are in their design and colour.

Thank you to all of you who may find your pictures or photos here, as it is greatly appreciated. If anyone wishes their pictures to be removed, then just say which they are and I will gladly do so! The alternative is to say which pictures are yours specifically, and I will be only too happy to credit you for allowing me to use them.

I have no desire to upset or offend anyone here; but I do like to use photos and illustrative pictures wherever and whenever possible. I will NOT knowingly use any photo that has a copyright mark on it, or if it is against the express wishes of the owner of said photo or picture!