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Talking Movie Daleks

I have several movie daleks in my collection, but my favourites are the set of Micro Talking ones. Here is my movie family below. 


TV Daleks

I have a large collection of Daleks, some move and others talk and move. They vary in size from around 25mm up to 12" (30cms) and I also have the voice controlled model which is 18" (45cms) high. This Dalek is fun as he moves and talks without using a remote control, as he responds to certain voice commands. Here are just some of my daleks.



Corgi Daleks

I used to keep my Corgi Daleks in our spare bedroom, but now have all my collection in my own room under my window where they catch the best light.

This is only about half of my Dalek/Doctor Who model collection, but it gives you some idea of what great models are being produced today; and some even have speech modules fitted in even the smaller toys.