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Daleks I have made.

I have made several model Daleks myself, mainly from kits of plastic and wooded parts. My first attempt at making a Dalek was done from a large cardboard cotton reel bobbin my mum brought home from her place of work. I cut half a ping pong ball for the head, and used nails and press pins for the arm, gun and skirt balls. It was not very realistic, but then I was only 13 at the time; and the thing was rather dangerous with the sharp ends of pins and nails sticking out of it 

I will place photos of my homemade model Daleks here, and the first one is a 12 inch (30cms) high model whom I call Dusty, on account that he, like many of my many other Daleks, tends to collect a lot of dust if they're not cleaned often or regularly enough.

You can see that this Sevans model I put together is done in an older Dalek livery than the one shown on the actual box cover, which was painted to show another version of the many variations of Dalek design and colours! The first 2 photos show my own version, and the 3rd is the box cover picture.



More Dalek Models

I have also made 2 smaller Dalek models from the 12" version. Both are about 7 inches high (approx. 17cms), both are made from plastic kits, with fully moveable body parts which make these models great fun and very appealing; assuming you don't accidently get glue in the wrong place like I did with the black dalek, which means the head dome sadly doesn't move. I also didn't get the upper band to fit correctly on the red dalek model, so it is a bit high up on the collar section; but basically I had lots of fun making these and painting them. The colour scheme is left to individual choice, and the moveable parts means you can place these Daleks in various different poses! Anyone who's ever made one will know the problems I had, and also the joy at seeing a Dalek come together from just bits of plastic in a box.