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Whispers from Time

Panas was a historian and an archaeologist among his race, the Thals. He had longed to get back to study the old home world for ages, and now at the age of 107 he had finally achieved his goal. This was not old for a Thal, as they often lived to be 150 or older. Panas stood in the entrance hall of what had once been the city of the Daleks. He was on the old dead planet of Skaro where his ancestors had once lived, and thanks to a stranger known simply as "The Doctor", the Thals had been freed from tyranny and eventually moved out to live on other planets.
The Daleks had died out on Skaro over a thousand years ago, after a disaster overtook the planet and almost destroyed it utterly. Now only a dead planet remained, but it still held some interest to a historian like Panas.

He had come alone to Skaro, as although his wife wanted to come and bring some friends along, he decided not to bring anyone else as if he did find anything worth finding, he wanted to keep the glory for himself.
He wandered along a dusty corridor, the old city as silent as a tomb.
Suddenly a voice cried out from nearby, "look out, they're behind you." He turned quickly, but there was nothing to be seen. "The Daleks, they are coming" the ethereal voice rang out yet again, as it seemed to vibrate from the very walls themselves.
Then the whispers began. So many voices, so much pain and anguish, it was a living nightmare to listen to them.

Occasionally one would scream, but still there was nothing to be seen that was tangible. Nothing except the cold metallic walls, floor and ceiling. Not being scared of ghosts, Panas continued to search the city; but still the relentless whispers pursued him wherever he went.
Just what were they and what was causing them? Something was terribly wrong, the city wasn't supposed to be haunted; and if it had been inhabited by the Daleks, why were these voices not theirs but sounded more like humanoids? This was a mystery he would have to search for, and he may need help after all to find the answer.

A team of Thal scientists was sent to join Palas on Skaro, but although they searched the old city from top to bottom and end to end, they could find nothing. "The old man has gone mad being here on his own" one of them said. "Yes, he's delirious and suffering from hallucinations" said another; but the medical officer could nothing wrong with Palas, even after doing several brain scans. "This worries me old friend, as I know you and you don't tell lies. So just what is it that you heard" Medical Officer Reaver asked?
"Like I said, it was voices, though most were whispers. All except one which cried out many times as if in pain" Palas replied. "All I know is, I want to investigate this much more and try to discover the reason for this, as it would be most unusual for so many ghosts to make themselves heard in one place. Assuming you believe in ghosts of course."

The medical officer remained on Skaro with a security team after the science team had gone. Reaver wanter to believe what his old friend had told him, but with no proof it would be hard to come up with any answer. 

Reaver lay on his bunk as night fell. He had decided to sleep in one of the old Dalek interrogation cells, as it was deathly quiet in the depths of the long dead city. He jumped up in shock as a voice came at him from the wall at the base of his bed. "Get out you fool, the Daleks are coming, we are all doomed" it said in a manner which sounded more like a command than a request. "Who are you" Reaver inquired, but then the entire room seemed to vibrate with the sound of whispering. In spite of the temperature being very warm on Skaro, even during the middle of the night, the room suddenly felt ice cold and smelled dank, a smell of death pervaded the air which made it feel like a morgue or a tomb. This place did not feel evil, just very unwelcoming.

He dashed across to find Palas. "So you heard it too then? Not a pleasant experience is it, but why does the central voice keep warning us about the Daleks. They died out on Skaro over a thousand years ago, and their far flung empire was virtually wiped out in the Time War with their enemies the Time Lords. To our knowledge only one Time Lord remains, and if any Daleks did survive, then these are very far away from here" Palas said; yet he could not hide the worried look on his face. His eyes almost took on the same terror that those who had seen a living Dalek in action showed.
Just then, the security commander came rushing in. He stopped at the doorway, his face full of excitement. "Sir, we've found a secret area which has never been seen by Thals, or probably no one else until now. And it is full of thousands of what appear to be dead dalek mutant embryos."
Palas and Reaver rushed after the commander, who led them into a vast bunker in the very depths of the city. Three guards stood by the door. "Anything to report" the commander asked. "Nothing much since you left, except we keep hearing them whisper to each other, which is impossible since they've all been dead for ages by the look of them" his second in command reported.
"Reaver and I wish to take a look at these creatures in their incubators Commander, if that is alright with you?" Palas said. "Go ahead, as you two are the experts here" came back the reply.

Palas and Reaver began to move down the long rows of dead mutants, beings which would have become yet more Daleks if they had been transferred into the war machines that the Daleks travelled around in.
One of the mutants looked fresher than the others, as if it had died last. It was a wonder any of them were still intact, as no decomposing of tissue was evident, so he reckoned it must have been the conditions inside the chambers that prevented them from rotting away.
Palas touched the best looking specimen. He jumped back in shock as it moved, and the voice rang out "Keep away, the Daleks are coming. They will kill you all when they get here."
This time all the security guards heard the cry. Was it a threat, a cry for help or just a warning? The Thals did not know, but they were becoming very scared by the voice which had reverberated around the walls of the underground bunker. Then the whispers began again, but louder and pierced with the occasional scream of anguish or despair.
None of the other Dalek mutants moved or showed any signs of life upon further investigation, but the fresh looking one still twitched the odd tentacle when it was probed.
"This one still seems to be alive" Reaver said to the others, "But how after so long down in this bunker is a mystery to me." "We should take it home to do research on it" the security commander said. "NO, not one Dalek will ever get near a Thal child again" roared Palas. "These creatures were utterly evil and created by a maniac Kaled scientist. We must kill it now before it is too late."

Some debate went on, but the security team finally got there way and escorted Reaver and Palas away from the bunker. Two of the Thal security guards were left to prevent anyone entering without permission, so the chance to destroy the last living Dalek on Skaro was denied.
Late that same night the voice came back to both Palas and Reaver. It simply said, "Don't say I didn't warn you." Then the voice became a whisper and joined the others once more.

Deep inside the bunker, the creature knew it was the last survivor and that all its companions were long since dead. This was a set back, but it did not matter, as it only needed one to continue. The final Dalek frontier to make a race of super beings. The biggest experiment ever devised by them, and he would become the new leader of this new race. A race that would ultimately produce the most superior Daleks ever to be seen anywhere in the entire universe. But for now patience was required, as the day of this new beginning was nearing its dawn; and it would come around soon enough. The mutant moved uneasily, as it sensed the whispers around it and did not know their meaning, or where they came from; but these things were only a minor irritation to a superior being such as he. Hours flew by into days, and still the eerie whispers continued to float out from the walls like some gathering of ethereal beings. The mutant creature seemed to grow in strength as though it were draining the life force from its dead companions.
Palas sat on his bunk listening to try and catch what the whispers might be saying. Then the voice came through loud and clear again. "What are you, what do you want of us?" Palas asked. This time he was stunned by what happened next. The wall nearest to him took on the contours of a face, the face of an old man. The face chuckled in mirth, then it answered "My friend, I am the Doctor. Not the one who is alive now, but the imprinted memory of the very first Doctor. It was I who first fought the Daleks, and although my most recent incarnation is a long way from here, my essence was left inside these walls to serve as a warning to anyone who enters. The Daleks will never die, for just as good conquers all, so evil lives on also."

Palas was shocked at seeing a disembodied face talking to him, let alone one from a Time Lord who no longer existed in this form. Thal legend had told of the man who defeated the Daleks inside their own city, but he was long gone and the present one looked nothing like him, as he kept changing his outward appearance so often.
"You keep warning us that the daleks are coming" he told the face, "But we have not seen any signs of any apart from the one mutant alive in the bunker."
"Ah yes, the secret experiment which was never meant to be found until the fall of the empire. Then the Daleks would rise again under a new leader. One of the chosen 'special daleks' which were placed in the bunker. If only I could have stopped it, but it's too late."
"Too late! Why is that?" asked Palas. "Because the bunker has already sealed itself off, and the Daleks are coming back to Skaro" the face replied with a frown.

Deep in the bunker, the Thal guards found they could not reopen the doors, no matter what they tried to do it with. The commander reported to Reaver, "Sir, a ship has been sighted entering this galaxy. It is reported that it is of no design known to us, but looks like it could be of dalek origin.
It will reach Skaro in 3 days time."
The mutant felt it had to grow stronger, as it sensed the coming of others of its kind. Yet it knew that it was superior even to these beings. Something in its genetic makeup told it so. It waited patiently, as it had done so for over a thousand years already, so what did it matter if it had just 3 days before its deliverance from this place.  

"We must leave before it is too late" Palas entreated with the others, but only his friend Reaver agreed to to go with him. "Those fools think they can stay and defend this place with just a squad of 12 men" Reaver said, knowing full well that it would take at least 100 times this number to have any chance at all.
"I wonder what were those whispers we heard, as only the one belonging to the Doctor made any sense and was able to communicate with me" Palas replied.
The 2 Thals left the security team behind on Skaro, and headed home to make their report to the Thal high council.

The voice of the old Doctor spoke calmly to the vast army of whisperers. "Hush now, you did your best to destroy the Dalek mutants; and you did manage to kill all but one, but sadly our work here is done." The souls of millions of dead beings fell silent. Beings whose planets had been wiped out by the Daleks over many centuries. The sound of silence was worse than the whispers, it made those Thals who had remained behind feel suddenly very scared.
The following day the space ship landed on Skaro. Three Daleks entered the city, and quickly killed the Thals left behind. Then they opened up the bunker and collected the last living mutant creature from inside, and took it back to their ship.

Inside the ship, the creature was placed into the war machine casing that had been made for it. The machine was constructed from Dalekanium, Flidor Gold and Xillon quartz. But this was no ordinary Dalek, it was not even an Emperor Dalek. It was special, it was a new breed of superior Dalek.
"All hail our new Dalek Supreme" they cried.
"I am the first of a new race. I will make a race of super-daleks. Never again will the Daleks be defeated as our history will be eradicated, and a new one will be made.

                                        The End 

Interview with a Dalek

The family sat down in front of their 70 inch Plasma TV screen fixed onto the wall. It pinged into life as the image flickered into crystal clarity. The host sat in a large chair and the studio contained an audience of 200, plus 23 camera operators, sound technicians and lighting experts etc.
The hush was deafening, as not one person knew if they should clap or cheer for the next guest on the show.

The doors swung open at the far end of the studio set, and the host rose to his feet and announced in a shaky voice, "Here is my next guest" though more than that he did not know what to say.
From the shape of the being that came into the studio, there was no mistaking what his next guest was. A Dalek.
The Dalek moved toward the host and the interview began.

"You consider yourselves to be the superior beings, yet you were created by a humanoid scientist named Davros. Is that correct?" the host began.
"The original Genesis Daleks were created by him, and engineered from genetic material used from the Kaled race" the Dalek stated; "but now we are pure and a complete race of beings in every way. It has become our destiny to rule all other beings in the universe, and any other universes we can reach during our long lifespan" the Dalek continued.
The audience murmured, and the Dalek swung its eye stalk in their direction in a menacing manner. They hushed any whispered comments immediately.

"So, you don't need Davros or anyone else to thrive and prosper then" the host asked. "Daleks need no one, especially not humanoids. One Dalek is enough to continue the entire race if required, and we fear no one" replied the Dalek.
"Yet you fear the being known as 'The Doctor' as he has become your mortal enemy" the host retorted.
"Time Lords were our enemies, and the Doctor still remains alive; but he is a petty annoyance and will never stop the daleks or stand in the way of our ultimate victory."
"But you have failed to destroy him" the host replied, "as he still lives on to fight against you."
"He has also tried to defeat us many times, yet he has not done so, and will never stop the dalek race no matter how many times he tries" the Dalek almost screamed the words with anger and venom. "Daleks will always be in existence until the end of time and beyond. No Time Lord will ever destroy us, as we have already annihilated all of their race except for the Doctor; and he cannot escape the power of the daleks forever."

"Can you explain how your race has managed to exist when it has apparently been wiped out so many times?" the host asked.
"I could; but this question is irrelevant and I am under orders not to divulge information which may prove useful to an enemy of the dalek race" the Dalek spoke in a cold and calculated reply.

The host squirmed awkwardly in his chair, as he could sense that he was getting his guest annoyed, but he continued with the interview and what his director had said would make a great network exclusive, as no other TV network had come close to getting a real live Dalek to just simply talk to them; and he wondered how on Earth his producer had got one here in the first place, although he did know it had something to do with her contacting the Supreme Dalek, as she was a real control freak when it came to making a good show into a great one.

"So my friend. May I call you that, as I don't want you to feel there is any hostility between us" he asked of the Dalek just a few feet away from him.
"You may call me what you wish" the Dalek replied, "but we daleks have no friends except ourselves, all others are considered inferior and therefore enemies of the dalek race."
"But surely you don't feel you are among any enemies tonight, or you wouldn't be here" said the host.
"Daleks follow orders. I was commanded to attend this meeting with you, and although I question its relevance, it is not for a dalek soldier to refuse the order of a higher ranking superior. My orders came directly from the Dalek Supreme himself, and it is not my place to refuse his commands or question his motives."
"Are you here to promote peace" the host inquired?
"There can never be peace until all inferior beings are annihilated and only we are the sole beings alive in the universe. Only then will the Dalek race be truly the rulers of time and space, and all things will be controlled by the daleks. Then, and only then, will the universe find the true meaning of peace under dalek law" the Dalek stated with a total air of superiority.

The host looked at his audience, hoping for some kind of reaction to the Dalek's remarks, but they just sat there as if their thoughts were blocked by some unseen force. He felt more and more uncomfortable, and wished his director would cut this interview short; but neither the director or that awful woman producer gave any indication they wanted this interview stopped or suspended. The show must go on as far as they were concerned.
"So you would like to see all other life forms eradicated from the universe?" he asked.
"Not all" came back the reply, "Only those that the Daleks could find no use for, as some would make excellent slave workers to do tasks which are below our superior mental intelligence. Although daleks can survive perfectly well alone as a race, slave labour is useful and would leave us to do higher things."
"But surely daleks live for war and conquest" the host asked, "and if you had no one to fight, then you'd degenerate into beings with no purpose in life."
"Incorrect, we would elevate into Gods and become the supreme power over all living things. This would be our ultimate destiny" the dalek said almost ranting the answer.
The entire audience and TV crew looked shocked, and even the bored ones who seemed half asleep appeared stunned by this last statement made by the Dalek.
"This interview has gone too far, and I want to end it now!" the show host yelled at his director. 

 The female producer ran down from her office, as the director yelled in his control box to cue the adverts and go into the interval time. Over 70 million viewers were left staring at blank TV screens before those dull, daily adverts kicked in. Just as the producer entered the studio, a microchip buried deep inside her cerebral cortex switched itself on, controlling her mind from some hidden power.
"Ladies and gentlemen, don't be afraid. You must wait and see what the daleks have to offer us" she said.
"You will obey the power of the daleks" the single Dalek said as it swung its eye stalk around the studio, with its cold blue iris studying every person around it.
Then it turned its attention back to the host.

The female producer glared at the presenter, as neither he or anyone else knew exactly what was happening. Little did the humans know that one of them was about to turn traitor, as the producer had been a prisoner of the Daleks just 3 weeks before, and she had a micro chip implanted into her brain making her a new breed of robo-man, or robo-woman in this case. She pointed a finger at the host, with a sudden look of hostility in her eyes. "Kill him first" she cried, as the Dalek swung its weapon toward the unlucky host and blasted him into oblivion.

"What the hell is happening?" the shows director yelled at her, but then all hell broke loose as the studio doors at every exit were opened and dozens of Daleks poured in.
The audience didn't know what hit them, as they fell to the blasts of dalek weapons. "You would make a good Dalek" said the Dalek that had been the guest of the now dead host, "But my orders are that we take no captives in this war with the humans. You are inferior and must die" it told her.

The part of her that was still under her own control told her to flee, or at least negotiate with her former captors, but it was too late. Before she could open her mouth in protest, she was dead.
"Attention all inhabitants of Earth" the TV screens showed the Dalek now addressing the viewers, "We are the Masters of Earth. Daleks now control all things and will rule this planet forever."

"Cut" shouted the director. "That was great folks. The best April fools joke we've ever played since Orson Welles did the H. G. Wells War of the Worlds story on the radio many years ago.
The host got up from his 'dead' position, and the audience of invited stunt men and women rose to their feet laughing loudly. The guys in the Dalek prop outfits climbed out of them, also in hysterics.
The only one who didn't get up was the female producer. The micro chip implanted by real Daleks 3 weeks ago had caused her to believe everything that had happened to be true.
"She's dead. Heart attack by the looks of things" said the host as he felt around for her pulse.

Many millions of miles from Earth, a dalek scout ship found the information from the chip was not transmitting any longer; but this did not worry them, as the invasion of Earth was still on schedule, and would go ahead as planned in just 7 days time. The dead producers show to interview a pretend dalek would prove to be more real than anyone on Earth had ever realised.

                                                  THE END