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The Children of Caan

The Doctor felt very pleased with himself. The new Dalek Empire was defeated, Davros was probably dead too. The last survivor of the Cult of Skaro had perished on the Crucible ship, and the Children of Time had fulfilled their destiny as foreseen by Dalek Caan.
All in all a good days work, so where should he head off to in the vastness of space and time the last Time Lord wondered?
He would not have felt so smug, or that the Dalek menace had been eradicated once and for all if he had known.

Dalek Caan had gone into the very essence of time itself, and in doing so he had been driven insane; but before madness had completely taken over the mind of the last survivor of the Cult, he had done something to ensure that the Children of Time would not be the destroyers and the harbingers of doom for all things Dalek. Caan knew that Davros had created a new Red Dalek Supreme to lead the new Empire, even though Davros himself was not chosen to be the supreme leader of his new creations, made from his own cloned cells.
Caan was original Dalek in origin, and losing the other cult members was a bad blow to the old Dalek Empire, a thing that Caan could not; and would not allow to happen.

Dalek Caan was not mad when he went back into the Time War period, it took several months for this to happen and his mind gradually succumbed to it; but until it finally controlled him, his brain continued to function at a rational level.
On a small insignificant planetoid, he laid down the seeds for a new Cult of Skaro. Seven cloned Daleks made from Caan's own body were placed into incubators which would only become activated if anything terrible ever happened to the dalek race.
The loss of all dalek life was just such an event, as it had happened when Donna Noble had destroyed the last remaining Dalek Empire (Journey's End story).
The Children of Time had done as Caan predicted, but they never knew of Dalek Caan's secret plot.
Alas for them, they were soon to find out just what Dalek Caan had been capable of, as they all under-estimated him.

Dalek Caan had made 7 clones of himself from his pure Dalek tissue cells. He designated them by number and the prefix letter C for Caan so they could identify as the new Cult of Skaro. Each had the mind of Dalek Caan but their brain function was programmed to behave differently to each other, making each one an individual capable of decision; and therefore unique from the others.
C3 reported to the other six Daleks. "Dalek Caan is dead. He has been destroyed as he predicted by the Children of Time and our enemy The Doc-tor."
C7 had been assigned as the leader of the group, as being the last of Dalek Caan's clones he had been given all the knowledge of the original Cult members. He addressed the others saying, "The last of the Time Lords will pay for all he has done. If he thinks he can rid the universe of all things Dalek which was foretold by Caan, then he is mistaken. WE WILL SURVIVE, THE DOK.....TOR WILL NOT WIN. DALEKS ARE THE SUPREME BEINGS AS WE WILL PROVE."

The Children of Caan were not going to make the same mistakes as previous Daleks had done. They knew that even with their almost indestructible outer casing they were still vulnerable, but whereas many other Daleks before them may have under-estimated the Doctor, these Daleks knew him for what he had become; the arch nemesis of the Dalek race down through time itself.
The Children of Time had scattered and gone their separate ways, leaving the Doctor alone with no companions any longer. This was now his underlying weakness, and the C Daleks knew this.
They may not be the same as the Cult of Skaro, but they were determined to forge a new race of Daleks which would never again be totally annihilated. At all costs they would ensure the survival of the race and culture of all things DALEK.......that was their oath and they would see it happen no matter what. 

The Doctor whistled a tune to himself as he set the controls of the TARDIS to take him home, to the now dead planet of Gallifrey. He thought more about Earth being his home now, but decided he must face his ghosts, and he also wanted to look for something he'd left behind on his home planet a long time ago. He remained totally oblivious of the Caan 7, as he now believed that the Daleks had gone forever, along with Davros and all they stood for.

How wrong he was to think this, as the Dalek race always had a contingency plan and never admitted defeat, as the last of the Time Lords was to find out later.

The Caan 7 were clones of Dalek Caan, the last member of the Cult of Skaro. To say that a Dalek was male or female was not strictly correct, as they could be either or both; but as they produced themselves from cloning cells, Dalek hatchlings were not classified by gender, they were purely Daleks. The Daleks had tried several methods of improving their race, even as far as to an attempt at making Daleks from humans and other races; but in the end all these experiments had failed and the only real Dalek was one made from pure Dalek DNA.

C7 had taken the role of leader over the Caan 7, and the other 6 accepted this as C7 had not just the mind of Dalek Caan but also all the data from all of the original Cult members. This made him, or her, extremely dangerous as C7 was like the Dalek Emperor and the Dalek Supreme, plus Daleks Sec, Jast, Thay and Caan all rolled into one very mean machine with a superior brain in control.
C5 reported, "The TIme Lord is heading for the planet Gallifrey. His time machine cannot be intercepted yet, but we will capture him once he leaves and returns to sector 13." "Excellent" C7 retorted sounding like was gloating as Davros had done many times before. "The Doctor will be stopped for ever from interfering in our right to rule as the supreme beings. Daleks have not only the right to survive, but to be the only race alive to rule the universe. This time we will be invincible and we will not be stopped. DALEKS REIGN SUPREME FOREVER" screamed Dalek C7.
"We will rule as the superior beings" the other 6 Daleks replied in unison.

Meanwhile the TARDIS landed on Gallifrey and the Last of the Time Lords stepped out onto his home planet. Now if he could only find what he'd come for, he would be happy.
The Doctor set off across the wasteland toward where his birthplace was located. He found his home in ruins, as was the entire planet. "Curse those Daleks for this" he muttered as he entered the ruins of his old home. "Now where did my father leave it" he said out loud?

The Doctor searched long and hard through the ruins of his old home. At long last he found the hiding place where his father had placed his valued items. The panel in the floor stuck for awhile, then with a bit of persuasion it glided open to reveal a casket below. The Doctor entered the code needed to open the secure box and peered inside. Some of the items had not survived the heat blast, but the one that he wanted had. He reached inside the casket and pulled out a ring with a large purple stone in the centre surrounded by 12 smaller red stones. Finally he had the ring of Omega, perhaps the most powerful weapon ever to made on Gallifrey. On its own it was just an item of jewellery, but once placed upon the finger of a Time Lord it became something far more potent.
He placed the ring on his index finger of his right hand. For several seconds nothing spectacular happened, then the central stone began to throb and pulsate, sending out a glow which gradually got more intense in brightness.

The Doctor felt a sudden surge of energy flow through his body. He felt immortal as if his physical and mental powers were intensified a thousand times. Was this how Omega had felt at the height of his power? Surely now there was no enemy alive that would prove to be a threat to him. The Time Lords may all have gone, but he as the last sole survivor had all of their power and knowledge at his disposal now. Not that the Doctor was yet aware of it, but he would need all of the power of the ring in the days ahead, as his biggest threat was yet to come.
At this point in time he was blissfully unaware of the Caan 7 Daleks, or he might just have panicked a little. As far as he was concerned, the Daleks had been destroyed on the Crucible ship; and yet he knew deep down that he hadn't seen the last of them, as they had always kept coming back from the dead despite him defeating them again and again in the past, or was it the future? Just as the Time Lords had failed to totally eradicate the Daleks completely, and even though he was the last of his race, he felt that there would always be the chance of some odd Daleks hiding away somewhere to continue their race and remain as the most hated beings of all time. True he had dealt with many aliens in his life time, both good and bad, and a few who were neutral; but the Daleks always seemed to crop up like a bad penny when you least expected them.
He had a feeling that he would see them again, but had no idea that it would be so soon just after he thought the Children of Time and himself had blown them all to Hell.

Stepping back into his TARDIS the Doctor left Gallifrey for the very last time. He would never set foot upon his home world again.
"The Time Lord is entering our sector" C2 reported to C7.
"Bring him to us, we will make him pay for all he has done to the Dalek race. The time for our final victory is at hand my Dalek brethren" Caan 7 told the others who were in a semi-circle in front of him. 
 The Caan 7 had vowed to bring back the power of the Daleks, and although the Doctor now had the Ring of Omega to help him, there were still the odds of 7 to 1 in favour of the Daleks against him. One Dalek had already killed him, and it was only thanks to some quick thinking by Donna Noble that he'd been regenerated from his severed hand.
Now he wondered why could ever hope to entirely wipe out his enemies, as beings like the Daleks, Cybermen, Davros and others kept coming back from the dead as it were to fight him. Now the TARDIS was being drawn to some obscure little planetoid in a star system the Doctor had never heard of or been to before. Unknown to him, 7 of his deadliest foes waited patiently for his arrival. Their goal was to rid their race of the one last Time Lord, their arch nemesis known to all simply as the "Doctor". He was the only being that stood in the way of total domination of the universe and the destroyer of everything Dalek.
"The Doc-tor will die" said Caan 7 with a hiss of venom in his voice, "HE WILL BE EXTERMINATED" he yelled to the other six. "We hear and obey" retorted the other 6 Caan Daleks.

Had the Doctor underestimated his deadliest foes, hadn't he always thought he'd defeated the Daleks before and let his ego believe he had won every time? This time things looked like they might just go in a different direction, as they had actually killed him not so long ago and it was only because he could regenerate that he'd survived.
The Time Lords had believed themselves to be indestructible, but now they were all dead apart from the Doctor. Who would be the final winner of this never ending war?
Somehow neither the Daleks or the Doctor wanted to really defeat the other, as it was now more of a game, a deadly game of cat and mouse which neither side actually won.
The TARDIS landed and the Doctor switched on his scanners. They indicated that Daleks were not far away, that 7 of them were located within a mile of where he now stood.
"Well old girl, it looks like we have another showdown with my old enemy? Time to strap on my shooting irons and head off to the OK corral" he mused in a Texan drawl as he left the safety of his TARDIS.

Heading in the direction of the planets 3 setting suns, the Doctor felt a sense of foreboding as he knew his 7 metal plated friends waiting for him were not there to welcome him with open tentacles, or throw him a party.
The lead Dalek spoke in a demanding voice as the Doctor entered the small space ship which was their base.
"Time Lord, you are here at last" Caan 7 said, "And here you will bow to the superior beings and admit defeat before you die."
"Like hell I will pilgrim" the Doctor retorted in his best John Wayne impersonation, as he grinned at the Daleks in total defiance.
"What is the meaning of this" C7 asked? "We are going to destroy you as Dalek Caan ordered us to do. We will rebuild the Dalek Empire and rule the universe as we were meant to" he roared.

"I'm here to stop you" the doctor retorted, as he lifted his finger with ring of Omega on it. "Exterminate him" C7 ordered, and the 7 Caan daleks fired on the Time Lord.  The Doctor fell lifeless to the ground, as his body had absorbed the full fire power of 7 dalek blasters. For a moment nothing happened, the the ring began to glow until it was a bright light. The body of the fallen Time Lord vanished, but the 7 daleks did not see the ring suddenly rise from the ground and move ghostly back to the TARDIS, neither did they realize that the ring had done something to them; it had absorbed all the power from them, including all the force from their blasters.
Once inside the time and space machine, the Doctor reappeared as if by magic. He grinned and looked at the ring. "They didn't know about your powers of regeneration, or how you can suck up energy like a sponge soaks up water, did they? Lucky thing I had you with me"

Inside the small dalek craft stood 7 daleks, but each one was left without power to move or do anyting other than stare at each other. Only Caan 7 had the power to speak. "We have been tricked. Our power levels have been drained and we are unable to move. The Doc-tor has won as we are stranded here forever" he shouted; and then his power to speak stopped.

The Doctor left the Daleks behind as he took off in his TARDIS, a bit weak from all that dalek energy blast he'd received, but still alive to fight another day.

                                           THE END

Determination of the Daleks

The war against the Daleks had gone well, and the high council of Gallifrey had been pleased when the massive counter attack launched by the Dalek fleet had failed to break through. The Daleks had been routed and many had been taken prisoner, to be locked away in a holding cell for all time. Lord President Gulal had stated to the people of Gallifrey that the Dalek menace had been crushed and that the Dalek Emperor had fled the battle, taking the remnants of his army with him.
This did not mean the Daleks had been utterly defeated, but Gulal was confident that his battle squadrons could finish off the remaining daleks, wherever they went in time or space. And so it was that the Gallifeyan forces fell into the carefully laid trap set by the Daleks, under the command of the Dalek Supreme who had held back a large Dalek army of his own.
Using a new weapon of mass destruction, the planet of Gallifrey was turned into a burnt out cinder. Dalek death squads hunted down any survivors, and the Supreme fleet slowly, but surely, destroyed any remaining Gallifeyan space ships. A few Time Lords escaped by using their time machines, but even these were pursued by Dalek death squads. Only 1 survived; the one they called "The Doctor."
Believing the Emperor may have been captured, or sent into another time era, the Dalek Supreme set about finding the one being who could help the Dalek cause and restore them to their former glory, as millions had died and so many captured that the Daleks were now in dire need of fresh DNA cells with which to build up a new army.
The one being who could only provide this material was the Kaled creator, Davros. While the Dalek Supreme did not want to find Davros to make him the new leader of the Dalek race, he had to admit that they needed his knowledge and genetic engineering if the Daleks were to be the rulers of time and space throughout the universe once more.
Or so he thought; but he was to find out otherwise later from a most unusual source.

The large Dalek battle cruiser came out of hyper-drive and passed through the rings of Zarcon, a cluster of asteroids which orbited the planet of Zarcon, a secret Dalek base. "This is where our new crucible ship is being built. All Daleks assigned to this project are ordered to trans-mat down to the planet immediately" the Dalek Supreme said to those around him. "We obey" retorted the Daleks on the bridge of the battle cruiser.

 "I will take the remaining Daleks and begin the search for Davros. His last location was reported to be on the penal colony planet called Temon 5, and his recapture by us should be easy, as there are only 200 guards who will be no match for an attack squad of 7 Daleks. Take us out of orbit" ordered the Dalek Supreme.
The large battle cruiser now only had a crew of 12, as all other daleks had been sent down to the surface of Zarcon. Thirteen Daleks were on-board if you counted the Dalek Supreme. So it meant that if the 7 who would make up the attack squad were killed, there would still be a crew of 6 left to pilot the ship back to Zarcon again; but the Daleks saw no reason why their assault on Temon 5 should fail. The Temons were inferior beings, and Temon 5 was the smallest planet in the Temon system, with Temon Prime being the main and most heavily populated.
Davros had been taken there by the Time Lord known as the Doctor, as it had been intended that Davros would be moved to Gallifrey at a later time; but then the Time War began and all plans to implement this were put on hold.
And so it was that the Daleks now headed for the Temon system, with the intention of finding their original creator and beginning their latest scheme of terror and universal domination.

The Time Lords had foretold of a prophecy about the total destruction of one of the planets in the Temon system, but the Temons themselves had mocked this and believed that they ruled over their particular part of space with complete safety from any attack by alien enemies.
When the Dalek squad broke into the penal compound and freed Davros, killing 124 guards in the process, it was bad enough; but once he was safe on-board the Dalek battle cruiser, the Dalek Supreme ordered that the planet Temon 5 be completely obliterated, for the Temons had shown themselves to be enemies of the Dalek race by holding Davros as a prisoner. The full fire power of the ships weapons was brought to bear on the planet below, and Temon 5 became yet another dead planet, as had countless others which had fallen prey to the power of the Daleks.
Except that the death of this world fulfilled the prophecy which the Time Lords of the now lifeless Gallifrey had foretold, many centuries ago.
The Daleks cared little for prophecy, or for the 3 million Temons who had been wiped out below on the planet, for they had achieved their objective and now had Davros under their control where they would make good use of him and his megalomaniac intellect, knowing his talents for creating and engineering weapons of destruction on a grand scale.

"I am the creator, and must be allowed to lead the Daleks" Davros told the Supreme Dalek. "With the death of the Dalek Emperor, control must be mine." "There is only one who is the supreme leader of the Daleks, and that is me" ranted the Dalek Supreme. "You are here for a purpose, but you are not here to be the leader of the Dalek race, only to further our cause and replenish the genetic code. You are my prisoner, not my superior."
Davros muttered something under his breath, but the fact remained that he only been freed from one prison to be under the control of the Daleks, the race of beings he had created, but who now had broken away from his influence to become entirely independent. "You will provide DNA and living cells to improve the Dalek race, and you will help us without question. OBEY" the Dalek Supreme yelled. "Very well, I will comply with your request" Davros replied.

In another galaxy the being known as ' The Doctor ' was now fully aware of the destruction of Temon 5, and the fact that Davros was free and with the Daleks. He began to flip switches and push buttons in his TARDIS. "Yet another battle with his arch enemies loomed ahead, and he hadn't got a clue how he was going to deal with it. At least for the moment he hadn't, but help was to come later from a most unusual source; and it would prove to be very helpful in the fight yet to come.

In a time long past, the allies of the Doctor were getting ready to travel in time. They knew what they had to do and just how to do it. The three of them were all that existed, created by the Doctor himself in another incarnation. Alpha, Beta and Omega were Daleks, but Daleks with a difference, for they had human emotion who felt that all the hatred Daleks had for the Doctor had never solved anything. They would not be able to fight the entire Dalek nation, but they had other plans to assist the Time Lord with the forthcoming conflict; and that would include their own sacrifice if it became necessary. The plan was to somehow humanize the Dalek Supreme and remove Davros to another time and place. They just needed to get their own brains linked into the Dalek battle computer to get inside the mind of every living Dalek, including the Dalek Supreme himself.

The Dalek plan was to create their own universe with themselves as the only lifeforms, but this had already happened in another universe, while this one was about to have a completely different event which would create an entirely different history. Davros had his own plans, the Dalek Supreme had his; and the Doctor had his plans which did not include the successful conclusion of either of his opponents plans, but did include the Dalek defeat by using other Daleks in a full scale civil war. It all depended on the only 3 Daleks the Doctor could call his allies, namely Alpha, Beta and Omega.
Meanwhile the Crucible ship was nowhere near completion, and this was a cause of annoyance to the Dalek Supreme who had the section leader for the project exterminated on the spot for failure. Davros had been given his own personal guard Daleks and all the laboratory equipment he required, as his DNA was used to create a new breed of Dalek.

On Temon Prime meanwhile, the TARDIS had landed and the Doctor had learned of the total annihilation of Temon 5. It was here that the Time Lord met up with his 3 Daleks, and together with the Temons, he held a war council to plan the coming battle with the Daleks on the planet Zarcon.
The Dalek Supreme had received a coded message from a small group of Daleks he did not know of, to inform him that Davros planned to take over the Dalek race by treachery. He did not recognize the senders, but it was most definitely Dalek in origin and had the correct encrypted signature. What he didn't know was this message had been sent by the Doctor, using his own Dalek Alpha as the sender.
The Dalek Supreme was now convinced that Davros meant to take control of the Dalek race and destroy him. This could not be allowed to happen, as even though the Daleks were using Davros to their own purposes, the fact remained that they did not trust him and would never let him be their leader or Emperor.

The Doctor explained to the Temon leaders that his own Daleks were here to help, and that they need not fear them. The task of them infiltrating the Dalek army with a view to getting them to fight each, instead of attacking the other 4 planets in the Temon system appealed to them greatly; and so it was that they sent out a small spacecraft containing the 3 Daleks friendly to the Time Lord, which then proceeded to head for the planet Zarcon and the Daleks secret base there.
"Now we wait until I get the signal. Then I will go to Zarcon and put the second phase of my plan into action" the Doctor said with a broad beam across his face.

The Doctor's Daleks were greeted by their kin like they were members of the Cult of Skaro, or some kind of re-found religion. The new breed of Daleks were amazed that 3 Daleks who they believed had been destroyed such a long time ago, still existed. Many Daleks decided that they no longer needed Davros, as here was 3 of their kind who could provide pure Dalek DNA; and so they began to incubate new dalek creatures from these 3 older Daleks, not knowing of their human traits. The Doctor's plan was working, as before long many more Daleks like Alpha and the other 2 were pouring off the assembly line.
Soon after, the civil war began.

Dalek killed Dalek, and even Davros was killed by the humanized Daleks. All work on the Crucible ship stopped, and eventually this too was destroyed by the new breed of Daleks. The Dalek Supreme was not going to admit defeat, but his plans were going very badly indeed.
The Doctor led an attack by the Temons who blasted the planet Zarcon into oblivion. All the Daleks were completely destroyed, as even Alpha, Beta and Omega had sacrificed themselves for their friend the Doctor.
The celebrations on Temon Prime were a joyous thing to behold. The Temon people made the Doctor a Senator of their High Council. He was given a robe of state, but just as he raised a glass of their finest wine to toast their victory, he felt a sudden jolt and a voice from afar saying something to him.

"Doctor, Doctor wake up" said the voice of Professor Wirral. "What? Where am I?" the Doctor asked. "You're in my office at the University of Norwich here on Earth; remember? You were telling me about some race of nasty creatures called Daleks. I went to get us some tea, and when I returned just a moment ago, I found you'd dropped off to sleep in the warm summer sunshine coming through the windows" the Professor told him.
"I had the most incredible dream, but sadly that's all it was, just a dream" the Doctor moaned. A glint of sadness appeared in the Time Lords eyes, as he remembered that the Temon system had been totally and utterly destroyed by the Daleks, in the very early years of the Time war. "I've dreamed of ghosts from the past, who are now all long gone forever. It's time to move on and look to the future, now that the stolen Earth is back in its rightful place. I'll have that tea now thanks."
They sat mostly in silence for the rest of the day, when the Doctor finally went back to his faithful old TARDIS, and he left Earth once more to head off into the wild blue yonder. Not knowing, or really caring as to what new adventure may yet lie ahead of him?

                                     THE  END

Timeless Lords

The Doctor had become rather arrogant over time, thinking himself as a superior being of some omnipotent importance. He loved visiting Earth, and in particular Britain, as his English accent blended in so well with the people of this small island on what was really quite an insignificant planet compared to many others in the universe. Should he go to a seaside location, or perhaps the country; or a town or city? He finally decide on landing his TARDIS in the lovely spa town of Malvern, Worcestershire; as he had often walked the hills there with his old friend Edward Elgar who had become one of England's great musical composers.

He landed in a quiet corner of the winter gardens and stepped out. The birds sang loudly in the trees, as it was a lovely warm spring day. Not many people about he thought, but that really didn't matter to the Time Lord.
He walked up past Saint Margaret's well which was where the famous spring water could be tasted, as it bubbled up directly from underground springs high in the hills.
On reaching the top, he sat surveying the land below him.
On a good day you could see 7 counties from the Beacon, but even on a cloudy day you could still see at least 3 or 4.
The Malvern hills were almost the beginning of the Welsh ranges, as only a small part of Herefordshire separated England from Wales at this point.

These little people don't know what a beautiful world they live on, and the way they treat it makes me wonder if they really deserve it, he mused to himself.
"Where did you leave the old girl?" a voice came from behind him. The Doctor turned to see a man of about 60 coming down the path toward him. "Are you talking to me?" he replied.
"You don't recognize me, do you" the older man said, "But then I have regenerated many times since you last saw me."
Impossible the Doctor thought, I am the only Time Lord left, there cannot be any others after the Time War.

"I'll give you a clue" the man said, "Your mother sends her love and hopes you are well." "My Mother is dead, as are all the other Time Lords of Gallifrey, there is only me left alive" the Doctor retorted.
"True, in this universe at any rate. But I am from a parallel alternate universe, where we Time Lords won the war against the Daleks. You of all people should know such things, as you sent Rose Tyler to another universe my son."
"You are my father" the bewildered Doctor said with a shocked look on his face. "Yes I am, and you can call me dad if you wish. I have been sent by the high council to help sort a few things out, but I can only stay for a short time before I must return to my own time line in my own universe; and yes, it is true that you are the last of of the Time Lords here for now, but that may not last forever as we believe there might possibly be one more."
"So you can't stay here with me for long then? better make the most of our family reunion then" the Doctor smiled at his father, though he still found it very hard to accept the fact that this man standing before him was his father; but then again, hadn't he started out as an old man with a granddaughter and had progressively grown younger over time and several regenerations.
He wondered just what had made his father come into another universe, and in theory at least his father was just a pile of ash back on the dead planet of Gallifrey. Now here he was alive and well just 7 feet away. What purpose did he have in coming here to meet his son?

 "Didn't you notice something very odd on your way up from the town son?" Dr Who senior asked. "Yes I did, and it has been worrying me for the past hour", he still couldn't get used to being referred to as 'son' when everyone called him The Doctor; but then it was his father's way to call him son, which was much more preferable than junior any time. "Well, what was it that you saw?" his dad inquired.
"A lack of people. Of course, the town should be busy with people shopping, unless it's a bank holiday or a Sunday, which according to my calculations it isn't."
The Doctor thought hard for a moment, then asked "Why is there only the odd person out on the streets?"
"Most have been evacuated down the hill to Worcester, or over to Ledbury in the West. Although even there they are talking and are very scared. Why I was only in the 7 Bells pub the other night drinking a pint of that delicious Weston's Pear Cider, when the landlord told me how worried they were; and Ledbury is several miles away from the Malvern Hills" his dad replied.
"So what are they all scared of, and why?" the Doctor asked.
"Something in the caves where the spring water comes from is affecting the ants. Anyone stung by a single ant is dead within 3 hours, when they should only have a small reaction at most. It hasn't happened in bee or wasp stings as yet, or any other insects. The military scientists think it may be in the ground and won't affect any flying insects, but ants have suddenly become extremely deadly" father said looking bemused.

Something is the ground the Doctor pondered, or is it in the spring water itself, it was odd that such small insects as ants could give a fatal sting; and yet he heard it straight from his father's mouth. "Is there a way into these caves then?" he asked. "I was wondering when you'd ask me that, yes there is. We have to go down the hill a bit and then find a chap called Bob who knows these caves, as he will be your guide into the system."
A few minutes later, the human Bob was leading the 2 Time Lords into the caves. "Keep your heads down when I say, as some places the rock roof is low" Bob told them.
They went down the long tunnel for what seemed like miles, but in actual fact it only took 27 minutes before they reached a large open cave. The rock dripped with water, but there seemed nothing else wrong with it. Then suddenly a flash of bright light struck the cavern roof, blinding their eyes. Bob was burned on his left hand as an acrid smell came from the other side of the cavern.
"Do you recognize that smell son?" "Yes, it is all too familiar, but why here of all places? Quick, let's get the hell out of here" the Doctor yelled.

They were halfway back along the dark passage leading back to the surface when Bob cried out in pain. His hand was now a swollen mass of bisters. "It's the same as happens when the ants sting someone" the Doctor's father said, "But how did Bob get this poison, as there were no ants that deep down in that cold cavern. So that light we saw must be carrying the source into the soil, and the ants are absorbing it into their poison glands. This is why they've become so deadly all of a sudden, it is caused by alien technology at work producing some lethal chemical reaction."
By the time a medical team got Bob into an ambulance, he was already dead. His entire body swollen up like a balloon.
There was only one kind of weapon made the same smell in a confined space as they had smelled in the cave, and it could only be a Dalek blaster gun. Yet they had not seen or heard a Dalek, or could concieve how a weapon like that could poison the water enough to make ants become such harbingers of death. It still remained a mystery.

"I'm sorry, but my time has come to leave you now, as I was only given enough power to exist for 7 days in this universe; and that expires in exactly 1 hour from now" the Doctor's father said with a sad look on his face.
"it's been good seeing you again, and say hello to mother for me when you get home" was the reply.
He had not thought to ask how his dad had got here in the first place, or how he was getting back either, but he did feel a sense of loss as his father turned away and vanished up the hill. Very odd thought the Doctor, the Malvern range was composed mainly of red granite, so a deep cave system was a practical impossibility. Cave systems occurred in softer rock like chalk, limestone or sandstone, NOT in hard rock like granite. This led him to think that the tunnel and cavern which he'd just been down was man made, or created by someone or something for a deliberate purpose. Why hadn't Bob mentioned this, and why was the deep cavern there, unless it was a military secret perhaps? All this made his mind rush into overdrive, maybe there was something buried down there that the government didn't want anyone to know about.
Now the thing to do was find out what it was exactly.

Walking back into the town, the Doctor noticed an army unit had set up headquarters in the Abbey Hotel. This made sense, as the hotel was in the centre of Malvern and not far from the site of the tunnel entrance.
A rather plump looking army Captain came out from the main hotel lobby accompanied by a female wearing the uniform of a Major.
"Can I help you?" she asked the Doctor, "You seem to be lost."
"i'm not lost, but I could use some help" he replied. "And you are?"
"Major Lethbridge-Stewart, in charge of things here at present since my senior officer has gone off to London."
"Your father isn't, or was a Brigadier by any chance was he?" inquired the Doctor. "Why yes, did you know him? He died 3 years ago."
"I knew him very well, he was a great guy and a good friend; but that's not what brings me here. I'd like to know what you know about the tunnel and the cave, as they are evidently of man made origin" he asked.
"You've been inside I take it, so it's no use my lying to you. My dad had the tunnel made to put something alien down there where it could do no harm, or ever escape; but somehow it has found a way to fight back using insects of all things. Ants to be precise, though just how it doing it I don't know."

The Doctor looked at the young woman in front of him. She was pretty, mid twenties, medium build and about 5' 7" tall; but her eyes twinkled with a certain spark that denoted her inner self. Clever with a wicked sense of humour. She would certainly attract the attentions of males, and to reach the rank of Major at her age was an achievement.
"Any chance I can get an escort to take me back inside the hill, or have permission to go in myself" the Doctor asked.
"Do you know what it might be, and how to stop it? she replied. "Oh yes" he exclaimed, "I have a pretty good idea what I'm up against" and he winked back at her.

Three soldiers were assigned to go with the Doctor back to the cave entrance, but only a Corporal went inside with him. "I'm Corporal Dawes, Pete if you prefer" the tall thin man said. "Right Pete, I'm the Doctor. Have you seen this thing before that lives down here?" "No, nobody has except the guys who put it here in the first place, and they couldn't say as it's on the official secrets list. All I know is, it's flaming deadly and not of this planet" the soldier replied. "Into the lions den then, onward rode the 6 hundred and all that" the Doctor said with a grin, but his voice had a slight tremble in it and gave away his inner feelings.
The cavern suddenly opened up as the tunnel ended. The only light was from the torches held in their hands, but then the entire cave was illuminated as if by magic.
The sight that met their eyes was not quite what the Doctor had expected. 

The being stood over at the far side of the cave, a good 30 feet away. It was almost human in appearance, but its head was most certainly genetically altered so that it reminded him more of the Dalek Sec hybrid. Its right arm ended in a metal claw, while just below the left elbow was what was definitely a Dalek blaster gun, surgically implanted by the look of it.
"Who are you?" he asked.
"I am Zarn, once a Kaled scientist who worked with Davros, then I was selected to become the first Dalek hybrid and to be their chief scientist. I rebelled against Davros and because I was not pure Dalek, even they banished me and made me an outcast. I was captured by these primitives and forced to live in darkness, but my Dalek superiority has helped me to live; and soon I will leave this place and take my rightful place as leader of the Daleks."
"Not another megalomaniac, what is it with all you of Kaled origin. Davros, Daleks and now you. You all think you're so superior, yet these little humans managed to imprison you inside these hills, and I have defeated both the Daleks and Davros so many times I've lost count" the Doctor shouted at Zarn.
"I have an army of millions. Tiny creatures that I control with my mind, who kill when I command" Zarn roared back.
"Ants are not Daleks Zarn. You cannot order them to attack at will, they will only remain deadly as long as you are here to continue making them so. Once you are gone from here, they will become normal little social insects once more" Doctor Who said.
"Is that true Doctor" asked Pete, "As I live and breathe I do hope so."
"You are right Time Lord, but what makes you think you can get me away from this planet?" Zarn asked.
"I'm a Time Lord, I have a time and space machine. I can take you anywhere I wish to, or where you would like to go!"

Zarn seemed to be thinking hard on this, and finally said "Very well, get me back to Skaro and I will stop my destruction of these humans. Take me back to the Daleks and I will go peacefully."
Pete and the Doctor left Zarn in the cave and headed back to the surface. Back at the hotel, he discussed his plans with the Major, who smiled sweetly and asked "Will it work?"
"WORK!! Of course it will work, and I know something Zarn doesn't; but he's in for a big shock I can tell you" the Doctor said grinning from ear to ear.

General Warfield was an arrogant man who considered himself to be somewhat of a military genius. The Prime Minister had placed the General in full charge of the situation at Malvern, and when he was told about the Doctor he burst into a tirade of rage at Major Lethbridge-Stewart. "What possessed you to allow this man into the secure complex in the hills" he ranted. The Major blushed red for a moment, then replied "The Doctor is, was a personal friend of my dad. He has worked with UNIT on many alien problems, so I trust him." "You'd better hope he knows what he's doing then, or I will bust you back down to Lieutenant so fast Major it will make your head spin" he bellowed at her.
Just then the Corporal and the Doctor entered the hotel.
"So you're the fellow with the plan to stop this emergency of ours" said the General.
"Oh yes, I can sort it out for you" the Doctor replied, "But I want all military personnel to to give me a clear path right through to the Winter Gardens, as I'm bringing the creature known as Zarn out that way."

After it was agreed that he would have to take Pete and Mandy, as he found out was the name of the Major, along with him to bring out Zarn, the 3 of them returned to the cavern.
"How do I know I can trust you Time Lord" Zarn asked?
"Because I am going along with you until you get home" Mandy blurted out. "Not a good idea. Who said you could come" whispered the Doctor to her. "General's orders I'm afraid" she retorted back in a hushed tone.
"Alright Zarn, come along with us; and no funny stuff please, or the deal is off" the Doctor called out.
They led the alien up through the tunnel and into the light. Zarn squinted a bit, as he had been below ground for 3 years now, but soon they arrived at the TARDIS, which was encircled at a safe distance by armed soldiers.
"Tell them to keep away or the female dies" Zarn said, as the Doctor placed his key in the door lock and soon he, Mandy and Zarn were inside. "Catch you later Pete" said the Doctor with a wink, as the doors closed behind him.
The TARDIS vanished from sight. "I hope the Major will be safe " Pete muttered, as he was left standing by the empty space which had been filled with that silly police box just a minute before.

The TARDIS landed on Skaro. "Home sweet home. Time to get out Zarn" the Doctor grinned at the half Dalek creature.
Zarn stepped out onto a very dead planet, as Skaro was devoid of life of any kind.
"You have tricked me Time Lord." "Yes I have, although I have kept my promise and returned you back to your home world. Can I help it if there are no Daleks, Kaleds or anything else for that matter left alive here."
The Doctor quickly closed the doors to his TARDIS, as he left Zarn behind on a dead Skaro.
"Nice one Doc" Mandy said with a wicked smile on her face.

When they got back to Malvern, reports were already flooding in that tests done on the ants showed they were no longer deadly to people.
"If ever I want to travel, I would love to go with you again Doctor" Mandy Lethbridge-Stewart said.
"I might just take you up on that offer" the Time Lord replied with a twinkle in his eyes, "Now let's go and have a good cup of tea and a buttered scone at the hotel, I don't know about you, but I'm hungry all of a sudden."
Mandy smiled back at him, she really liked this man, whoever or what ever he might be. She suddenly wondered how old he was, not that it really mattered as she went off for tea with him holding her hand. Not that it mattered at all, as she didn't care. Mandy knew there was something special about the Doctor, and that was all that she really cared about. Perhaps she was in love she thought, maybe?

                                        THE  END