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Something beginning with D

Margaret Wood, better known to all her friends as Maggie, had just turned 17. Her exam results were excellent, and her dad wanted her to go to Oxford to study law; but Maggie had other ideas. She was a Somerset girl, her school mates all lived in Yeovil and the surrounding villages, so she wanted to stay close to home and her best friend Suzie whom she loved so much.
Not in a gay kind of way, as both girls were really stunning and had blokes falling over themselves to go out on dates, but Maggie and Suzie weren't that interested in the local guys; and Maggie was by far the prettier girl.


"I love the looks of Captain Jack, the guy in the Torchwood Institute" Suzie said with a lustful look on her face. "He's just as queer as finding a pink bull with a diamond studded collar in a field full of black and white cows" laughed Maggie, "Whatever makes you fancy him I will never know. I much prefer that Doctor chap. You know, the one who comes and goes in his blue police box." The year was 2017AD and both Maggie and her mate Suzie had been millennium babies, born on January 1st 2000; and it was now May 3rd 2017.

The county of Somerset didn't have a major university like Cambridge or Oxford, but the college in Yeovil had been given uni status and both girls had obtained places there. This was their first day and both Maggie and Suzie had decided to take science class, as they wanted to take a degree which would give them their chosen careers. Suzie wanted to become a doctor, while Maggie was keen to be a vet. A young man with a pock marked face directed both girls down a long corridor. "Go to room 7B and ask for Professor Lang" he said. They thanked him and with a tantalizing toss of Maggie's long blonde hair, they heade off in the direction of the room.
"I wish I could grow my hair as long as yours" Suzie said, as she had nice red hair, but only shoulder length. Whereas Maggie had her hair almost down to her waist. They grinned at each other as they wandered down the corridor, not realizing that they'd passed room 7B and now found themselves inside a dimly lit laboratory.
Something was covered by a large white sheet in the corner, and the girls were drawn toward it.
Just as Suzie tried to peek under the sheet, a voice boomed out from the shadows "I wouldn't do that if I were you." The voice came from a handsome young man who had appeared as if by magic.
"Who are you?" enquired Maggie. "Just call me the Doctor" was the reply. Suzie could hardly believe her eyes as she looked at the strange figure before her. The man who was the Doctor was young, and relatively handsome; but he had a wild appearance that almost suggested madness, or at the very least eccentricity. "What subject do you teach, and are you Professor Lang's assistant?" asked Maggie.
"No. Like I said already, I'm the Doctor" was his reply. "Doctor of what? What exactly do you teach?" asked Suzie again. "I don't work on the staff here, so I don't actually teach anything" the Doctor stated. "I am here to study the artifact which has been found when they opened up the old cellar, as it has been here for over 200 years. It was dug up when the building was new and stored away, forgotten for all this time; and time is my specialized subject" he said. "So is that it?" enquired Suzie pointing at the object covered by a white sheet over in the corner. "Oh yes, that's it alright" the Doctor said with a twinkle in his eyes, as he glanced at the sheet with a hint of madness creeping over his face. "And I am here to take it away or destroy it, as it will be a great danger to all of mankind if I don't."

  Both Maggie and Suzie wondered what on earth they'd got themselves into, as here they were on their first day at university and already involved in some wild scheme. What was it all about, they would find out soon enough.
"So just what is under that sheet?" asked Suzie, "Looks just like a statue from here." "That" said the Doctor, "is precisely what I'm here to find out" as he whipped back the sheet with a swift movement of his hand. It was not tall enough to be either a Cyberman or a Dalek he thought. A look of amazement passed between the two girls, as the Doctor suddenly blurted out, "So this is where you've been hiding all of the time my old friend, or should I perhaps say old enemy." The wizened figure sitting motionless in the corner which had been covered by the sheet was none other than Davros, who was to all intents and purposes totally lifeless; but the Doctor knew better, and that Davros was just in a state of suspended inactivity and could be reactivated easily by anyone by just clicking a switch on the chariots console.
Had Davros been here alone, or did this discovery mean yet more Daleks? The Doctor's face grimaced with worry as he pondered this question.

                                   Chapter 3 - The Caretaker

Bert Stubbs was fast approaching his 67th birthday, but as long as he could enjoy his pint of Somerset cider and a good pipe every day, he intended to carry on working at the university. The students either ignored him, or gave him a polite smile; and the staff only spoke when they needed him to do something, but Bert was well loved and liked by all, especially the Bursar's wife. His affair with her had been going on for 34 years now, and although Rachel Cockington loved Bert, she also liked the good life that being married to the Bursar gave her.
So it was that Bert now found himself in the old lecture hall, only used twice a year at most. The two young female students and a bloke calling himself the Doctor asked Bert where they could find the college Dean or someone in authority.
"Well the Arch-Chancellor is away at some seminar or other, so I guess I'd better direct you to the Dean" Bert told them.

The Doctor introduced himself to the Dean. "And these two young ladies would be?" the Dean inquired. "They're students who are on a temporary assignment to me" the Doctor told him. He then entered into a long speech about the thing he'd called Davros, and asked where it had been found. "That, whatever this Davros is, was discovered when the old cellars beneath the old school were opened up for renovation. The place dates back to 1780 I believe, but what that Davros thing was doing down there is anyone's guess Doctor. Just what are you a doctor of?" the Dean asked. "Doesn't matter, I am just an expert on aliens, take my word for it" the Doctor replied.

Meanwhile, old Bert was looking at the weird buggy type thing with the gnarled creature sitting inside it. Must be some kind of student rag week prank he thought , "I wonder what these switches do?" Bert played around for several minutes flicking switches and pressing buttons, when suddenly the console on the chariot whirred into life.
"Thank you" said an eerie voice, "I've been waiting for over two centuries to be awakened, and now you have reactivated me." The voice came from the creature which had a gloat of satisfaction on its face. "Who the 'ell are you?" said a startled Bert. "I am Davros" the figure replied, "But you will call me master, as my destiny is to use my power to rule the universe." What had he done thought Bert, as he rushed off in the direction of the Dean's office as fast as his old weary legs could carry him.

                         Chapter 4 - Dictating Terms

The Doctor held a long conversation with the Dean, which went way over the heads of the 2 girls standing further back inside the room.
"What exactly is this Davros person capable of then?" asked the Dean. "Think of Stalin or Hitler, then place them in a wheelchair and lock them inside a mental institution for a 100 years or so. Then let them out and see what they'd do, and that gives you some idea of what Davros is like" the Doctor replied. "That bad eh, it sounds awful" the Dean said with a look of horror.

Flicking switches on his console, Davros moved his chariot which glided across the floor and he left the confines of the hall. Bert stood there dumbfounded, he couldn't believe what that thing had just told him. The order from Davros to Bert was to go and kill the bloke who was called The Doctor. "Not bloody likely, I'm no murderer" he'd told the creature. Just who did this Davros think he was anyway to go around giving orders, least of all asking Bert to kill someone. It wasn't as if the Doctor had done any harm, but Bert mistrusted this Davros chap completely.
Meanwhile Davros was wondering what his loyal Daleks might be doing. Were they still functioning and could they perhaps mount a rescue of their creator? He activated the emergency distress beacon, as if any Dalek within a million miles of Earth picked it up, they would answer it and come for him as fast as their spaceships could get here.

Out across the far side of the Galaxy, a ship picked up the signal alright; but it was not a Dalek ship which changed course and headed for Earth, it was .............. well all would be revealed soon, as the oncoming spaceship sped quickly past Mars and on toward the planet of Earth. Inside the crew were excited at the prospect of finally serving justice to the being who had almost destroyed their entire race. A race which was even now on the brink of extinction.

                   Chapter 5 - The Kelda



  The Kaled race had been wiped out in the war with the Thals, and Davros had created a mutant army to replace them, which all the known universe knew as the Daleks; but very few knew of the first experiment done by Davros which had gone wrong.
Some Thal prisoners had been genetically altered to change them into fighting warriors for the Kaleds. This new race of beings Davros had named the Kelda and they were designed to act as suicide troops in a battle, but they had escaped just before Davros began his experiments to create the Daleks.
The ship approaching planet Earth held only 13 survivors of this new race, as many had died from disease and battles with other aliens. Commander Respa was the leader of his twelve trusty band of warriors, and he and the others had been searching for Davros, as he was the only one who could perhaps save them from total doom. If he did not, then they would kill him as they had no long term future anyway. Davros had seen to that when he created the Daleks, as they hunted down and destroyed any Kelda which they found; and many other alien races, including the Thals, were enemies of the Kelda also.
Respa and his band of brothers had no love for Davros, but he needed to find him and give himself and the others a fighting chance of survival at least. The Kelda were not known for good looks, as they were ugly mutants who made the Sontarans look beautiful; but they were just as good at killing as any Dalek, and held the same kind of hatred as their mutant Kaled counterparts did.

The Kelda ship landed on the dark side of Earth's moon. "Three of you will trans-mat down with me to find Davros. The others will stay with the ship until needed" Respa ordered. And with that, the assault team of 4 left their ship and beamed down to the pretty English town of Yeovil, not more than 1 mile from where Davros and the Doctor were located at the time.

Chapter 6 - "D" for Doctor, Davros and Death

The Dean had given permission for Maggie and Suzie to assist the Doctor, and they were more than happy with the secondment. Following the young handsome man around was more fun than being stuck inside a stuffy classroom any time, and they found what the Doctor said to be quite educational, even if they couldn't understand much of what he waffled on about.
Meanwhile Davros was outside on the college cricket field, when 4 figures suddenly appeared before him. He recognized them immediately as one of his past creations from his genetic experiments on Skaro. They were Kelda warriors, but where were his Dalek rescuers, he had not been expecting Kelda as they should all be dead.
Respa approached Davros with an evil look in his eyes. "We have found you. Now you must cure us of the disease which is killing my warriors, or if you do not then you will die before I do."
"Who are you to make demands of Davros?" he shouted. "I am Respa. I am the destroyer of worlds and the one who will rule over all, and that includes your Dalek creations" Respa roared back. The Kelda were just as evil and destructive as any Dalek, as Davros had made them so mutated that their minds were twisted organs of hatred for all other lifeforms, no matter what those other beings may be.

Old Bert found the Doctor rushing down the main corridor with those two lovely girls in tow. "Am I glad to see you" Bert called out, "That thing in the hall wanted me to start killing people, and then he trundled off muttering something about his creations coming to rescue him. Daleks I think he called them?"
"That's all we need right now" the Doctor replied. "Having Davros here is bad enough, but if he manages to summon help from the Daleks, then things will get pretty nasty around here I can tell you."
"I don't know what Daleks look like, but what are those four ugly things out on the cricket field" said Maggie, "They are really horrible pieces of work." "I don't believe it" the Doctor said with a look of amazement crossing his face, "I thought all the Kelda were long since dead, as there was only a hundred or so to begin with, and almost everyone has been fighting them, including the Daleks; and even nature itself has sent them some deadly diseases, so it surprises me to see that any of them have survived."

Three of the Kelda warriors had drawn their weapons and were even now advancing toward the main building. The fourth stood firmly by the side of Davros, who oddly looked very worried by the presence of his guardian.
"Call out the police, army and anyone else you can think of that can help" yelled the Doctor to Bert and the girls. "We're going to need all the help we can get with these guys."
The leading Kelda warrior began firing his weapon, narrowly missing Bert as he ran to phone for help. "Run like hell" the Doctor ordered, and he began to rush back to the TARDIS. The old lady had one or two things that he'd need to do battle with.

Deep in outer space, a second spaceship had intercepted the distress signal from Davros. It too headed toward Earth, but this one aimed its weapons at the Kelda ship sitting on the surface of Earth's moon. The Kelda ship was split in half by a power blast, and the Kelda warriors inside were all killed instantly.
"Set the trans-mat device to the place where Davros has been located. We will send an assualt team down in seven rels to find him" the Dalek Supreme ordered. "I obey" the section leader Dalek replied..........

                              Chapter 7 - Defenceless

"You seem worried Davros" Respa said with a snarl. "Can it be that you are frightened of me? Well you should be, as once I have brought down the rest of my warriors, we will take over this puny planet and enslave all who we don't kill off first; and you will be kept alive only for as long as you prove useful to the Kelda."
"Might I suggest that you make other plans, as if I am correct, you four are the only Kelda remaining in the entire universe" Davros replied.
Impossible as it sounded, Respa found himself unable to contact his ship left on the surface of the moon. "I will kill you Davros, make no mistake about that" he told the Kaled scientist beside him, as he swung his blaster gun madly around. "I have survived attempts to defeat me before" Davros stated. " Death or assassination mean nothing to me, as I have been around for such a long time, I am indestructible. You can try, but you will fail."

Bert had called the police, but a young female voice on the other end of the line had said, "This sounds like a student rag stunt to me, and hoax calls are not welcome sir and you may find yourself in serious trouble making prank emergency calls." He gave up on this, and ran to find his old mate Billy, who had been in the artillery during the war. He would know what to do surely.
Meanwhile the Doctor, still with Maggie and Suzie following close behind him like they were both tied to him by some invisible length of rope, rushed headlong into the TARDIS. "Now old girl, let's see what I can find to fight 3 nasty little Kelda with" he gasped. "Wow, this is amazing. It's so big inside" yelled Maggie. "Haven't got time to explain things right now" The Doctor retorted, "But if you two can help me find my sonic ionizing pulsator, I'd be very much obliged."
"A what" Suzie asked? "Just look for a thing like a gun with red and blue lights on it" the Doctor said, "I need it fast ladies."

The Kelda warriors had just entered the hall where the TARDIS stood, and before they could fire their weapons, the Doctor had fired the pulsator at them. Their weapons fell apart in their hands, leaving them looking rather silly standing there holding out their empty hands. The Kelda were defenceless, and began to retreat back the way they had come. Now their best chance was to get back to their commander for new orders. Whoever this person was, he had disabled their weaponry in seconds, and the Kelda were not used to being defeated so quickly or easily as that.
At that almost same moment, Respa was watching as an assault team of six Daleks appeared very close to where he was standing. A look of relief swept across the face of Davros. "Now we will see who is the prisoner and who is the master" he said with an air of triumph in his voice.

"Use ultimate force attack formation" the Section Leader Dalek ordered. "We obey" the daleks retorted, as they menacingly advanced toward Respa. He turned to see the 3 other Kelda warriors burst out from the university building. "A Time Lord has deactivated our weapons" one of them said with a cold glint of hatred in his eyes. "Bring Davros into the building. We must make a tactical withdrawal to avoid conflict with the Daleks."

                      Chapter 8 - Ultimate Force and Retribution

Davros was forced at gunpoint into the building, and the attacking Dalek force found themselves frustrated by the fact that they dare not use their weapons for fear of hitting him, as he was too close to the 4 Kelda.
Meanwhile the Doctor had also seen the new problem approaching from outside. "Not just four flaming Kelda to deal with, which is bad enough in itself; but now six Daleks as well. I wouldn't mind so much, but once the sonic ionizer had been discharged to disable the Kelda weapons, it took it a full hour to recharge again; and so would be useless for another attack.
Bert found himself confronted by 6 moving metal pepper pots with bits sticking out. At least that was the only way he could describe them, as he had never seen a Dalek in his entire life before now. "What is gawd's name?" he said out loud to himself, as a second later poor old Bert was blasted into oblivion, as his whole body was destroyed as the molecular structure was ripped apart by the force of a Dalek's blaster weapon.

"You cannot win Respa" Davros said, as he observed that the Dalek force were firing their weapons. "Give up now and I may just let you all live." Respa and his warriors froze at the end of a long corridor, as he was suddenly faced with a dilemma. Just ahead stood the Doctor with two young females behind him. Approaching the other end of the corridor were 3 of the Daleks, though where the other 3 were was a mystery for now. "Don't shoot" yelled the Doctor, "I'm here to help you survive, as you are the last of your race."
"We are Kelda" roared Respa in reply, "We need no help from you."
"That's just where you're wrong my ugly friend, as I am the only one here who stands any chance of stopping those daleks. Isn't that right Davros?"
"You cannot defeat my Dalek creations Doctor" Davros screeched, but even now the 3 Daleks were assessing the situation, as they could not fire in case they killed Davros; and the Dalek Supreme had ordered his safe capture at all costs.
"Come on then Daleks. What are you waiting for?" the Doctor yelled, but he already knew why they didn't push home their advantage. They wanted Davros alive, and that was the best weapon the Time Lord had at his disposal.
"Put down your weapon immediately, or you will be exterminated" the lead dalek commanded Respa. He simply replied by firing his gun at the daleks, taking no heed that his warriors had no weapons with which to defend themselves. "Advance and neutralize the enemy" the command Dalek shouted, and the 3 daleks moved in steady formation toward the Kelda.
Unseen by the Kelda, Davros or the oncoming Daleks, the Doctor had quietly crept up to Davros's chariot, whereupon he slammed his fist down hard on a large red disc on the console. Davros slumped forward as his energy pack failed and he went into hibernation. "Come any closer and he dies" the Doctor yelled at the Daleks. "I am the only person who knows how to reactivate him, and I will only do so if you leave." The 3 Daleks swung their eye-stalks around at each other, as if seeking orders. "We will comply and fall back" the leader said. As they turned to retreat, the lead Dalek fired one single shot over the slumped figure of Davros, and Respa the Kelda commander fell dead. The 3 remaining Kelda looked down at their fallen leader, then glared their hatred of the retreating Daleks. One of them turned to the Doctor and said " You are a friend of the Kelda, we will not harm you Time Lord; and your female companions are safe also."
"That's good to know" the Doctor replied, "Now let us see how we can safely remove Davros from here and stop the threat of those Daleks?"

Chapter 9 - Total Extinction                     

The Kelda who had spoken to the Doctor picked up the weapon from the dead hands of Respa. "Help me to move Davros into the TARDIS" the Doctor said to both Maggie and Suzie, "We're taking him on a little trip somewhere." The girls did as they were asked, and the limp body of Davros and his chariot were pushed and pulled, finally ending up inside the time and space machine.
The 3 Kelda warriors had followed them, and requested that they contact their ship using the Doctor's on-board communicator device. "I'm afraid your ship no longer exists" he told them. "Then only we three are left of our entire race. We should have realized that the Daleks would destroy our ship before coming here" said one of the Kelda. "We will go to avenge our brothers, as Respa would have done had he lived. Now comrades, we attack."
"You could come with me and I can drop you off as permanent guardians of Davros" the Doctor said. But the Kelda would not hear of it, and went off to fight the Daleks, despite only having one working weapon between them. "I'll need you two ladies to come with me, as we've got work to do a long way from here" said the Doctor to Maggie and Suzie; and they left the university and Earth far behind as they travelled to a far flung corner of the galaxy.

The Kelda edged their way out of the building, to find that 5 of the Daleks had formed a crude semi-circle around them. They fired their one and only weapon, blasting the central Dalek which burst into flames. Before they could bring the weapon to bear on a second Dalek, the order was given from one of the remaining four. "EXTERMINATE THE KELDA" the section leader shrieked, and the last of the Kelda fell dead. They would not be mourned, or missed by anyone, as this race been the closest thing to the Daleks without actually being them; and hated almost as much by other beings throughout the universe.
"Davros has been removed from this location" the Dalek section leader informed the others, "We must return to the mother ship and resume our search for him." The Daleks left giving just a quick glance at their fallen enemies, knowing that the Kelda they had killed were the last of the mutants created by Davros, as the Dalek race that had evolved today was not the same Kaled mutants they had once been. The Daleks were now a pure race, the superior race; and the race destined to rule over all the universe, or so they thought.

"Where am I" Davros asked? As he had been revived by the Doctor, who stood with a look of satisfaction on his face. "You are in the Maze of Macros Prime, which is a series of deep caves which the Daleks have never explored, and the titanium walls will prevent you from ever contacting them" replied the Time Lord. "I'm afraid you're here forever and a day, so make the most of it. Shall we go girls?" he asked. "Only if I can stay with you and travel in your ship" said Suzie cheekily. Maggie had already decided to return home and become a writer, as she certainly had an adventure to write about.
"Yes, okay then. You can be my new companion" the Doctor said with a smile. Maggie was duly returned back to Somerset, and Suzie had just enough time to collect a few things before the TARDIS whisked her off with the Doctor.


"We will not give up the search, and the destruction of the last of the Time Lords is now our main priority. WE WILL DESTROY THE DOCTOR, THE ENEMY OF THE DALEKS" the Dalek Supreme commanded on board the Dalek mother ship, as it headed out into deep space to continue its mission. Doctor Who had not seen the last of the Daleks, as his extermination was now their prime objective.

                            THE END (Or is it?)